Pasig River: Before and After

I lifted these pictures from the Facebook photo album of Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP). Nothing makes me happier than a clean environment, in my soul, in my head, in my house, my neighborhood, my country and the world. Clean and orderly surroundings promote peace and productivity in my daily life and keeps my blood pressure at normal. When I started posting to Pasig River Watch, none of these results existed. I emailed a stagnant website (PRRC) and got a canned response with no commitment or plans. If you go to their site, you will find stale content. Not a place to find anything new.

Osmeña Bridge- BEFORE (April 2009)

Osmeña Bridge- AFTER (February 2011)

Apacible to UN Ave- BEFORE (June 2009)

Apacible to UN Ave- AFTER (February 2011)  The shanties by the side of Apacible are the barracks of the workers working for the estero.

Estero de Paco Headwater BEFORE (June 2009)

Estero de Paco Headwater AFTER (Feb 2011)

Estero de Paco Headwater: BEFORE (June 2010)

Estero de Paco Headwater AFTER (Feb 2011)

Trece de Agosto to Apacible BEFORE (June 2009)Trece de Agosto to Apacible- AFTER (February 2011)

Quirino to Pedro Gil Bridge- BEFORE (April 2009)

Quirino to Pedro Gil Bridge- AFTER (February 2011)

Pedro Gil to Quirino Bridge- BEFORE (June 2009)
Pedro Gil to Quirino Bridge- AFTER (February 2011)

15 thoughts on “Pasig River: Before and After

  1. If these pictures present the reality of Pasig river then applause for those who made it possible. The major problem is and will remain – the failing disciplinary attitude of the people, in general, towards the cleanlines of river banks and esteros. This could be accounted for the prevailing ignorance due to lack of proper education and social engagement in this context. I, myself, did not have the least premonition of social values or preservation of natural resources during my elementary, high school and college days in Manila. To this end, I believe that it is high time for the government to start such a programme. Resolving the symptoms is not the real solution to the devastating pollution of Pasig river; more than these, the causes of this chronic problem should be solved. As shown in your pictures, the removal illegal dwellers has an immense impact on the maintenance of a green zone and more or less visible water.

    1. Hi Lourdes – I agree with your comments. Watching Pasig River life gave me a sense that the government and the non-government organizations in partnership with the World Bank and big corporations have started the clean up. It could take a couple more years before all the causes of pollution are taken care of.

  2. All I can say is “WOW”. Pasig river, once the so called dead river of metro Manila is slowly regaining the life it once did decades ago when the Pasig river was teeming with life and pleasant views as what I can relate based on stories of Pasig river’s history. I am so proud, even though I’m not from metro Manila, because Pasig river is not just any River, it is a landmark of historical and cultural importance. May the improvements continue and even get better, so that the Pasig river can serve the metropolis better and give our future generation a place that is better to live, and most importantly that the river could do its major function, being the bloodline of metro manila.

  3. We’ve proven it before, we can always prove it as long as we really want and work to achieve a goal. Im thinking of the rainwater harvesting system to help clean esteros and revive our Pasig river. I hope the MMDA, PRRC and local governments will consider this method.


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